Mitigating Against SSL Attacks

Mitigating Against SSL Attacks

With most of the browser population using a modern browser, you must consider removing support of SSL version 2 and 3. Only TLS connections must be accepted. This protects against a number of attacks, including the latest POODLE attack.

Additionally, the list of acceptable ciphers should be specified according to current best practices.

A line such as the following (for Apache) will suffice in protecting your servers:


With those ciphers selected and only TLSv1 connections being accepted, you shouldn’t have too many problems.

To mitigate against cipher renegotiation, you’ll have to use an SSL accelerator system. Otherwise you are susceptible to attacks based on constantly renegotiating the cipher used. More about this subject is available at


A few steps can protect you tremendously, but only a hardware based solution will ultimately protect you against the various forms of attack. But for the most of us, the simple rules of disabling version 2 and version 3 of SSL in combination with an acceptable cipher list will go a long way.

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