DBAbstract: A Database Abstraction Library for C++

DBAbstract: A Database Abstraction Library for C++

The dbabstract library is written in standard C++ and uses the POCO library for its Poco::SharedLibrary implementation. It is known that the POCO library includes a basic database wrapper implementation, but it is not as clean and simple as dbabstract. It also suffers some missing functionality that dbabstract provides.

Dbabstract currently supports the following databases:

  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • Sqlite3


Download the latest release and simply perform the normal autotools steps:

# LIBPATH="/usr/lib" ./configure --prefix=/usr --with-mysql=/usr/lib --with-sqlite=/usr/lib --enable-doc
# make
# make install


The usage of dbabstract is simple. First the appropriate database abstraction must be loaded. This is achieved by building a path to the appropriate shared library.

std::string path(LIBPATH "/libdba_mysql");
Poco::AutoPtr <Connection> connection (Connection::factory(path.c_str()));

After the library is loaded, then calls may be issued to connect to a database and perform a query:

if (connection->open("test", "", 3306, "root", "")) {
    std::cout << "OK: Connected to database." << std::endl;
    ResultSet *rs3 = connection->executeQuery("SELECT id, data FROM testing");
    if (rs3) {
        while (rs3->next()) {
            std::cout << "READ: id=" << rs3->getInteger(0) << " data=" << rs3->getString(1) << std::endl;

Final Thoughts

While this database abstraction library is both simple and elegant, it could use a few more database adapters. If you want to contribute to the project, then simply send a pull request through GitHub. I would be happy to accept contributions from the community.

The source is available here.

Cmake Version

A Cmake compatible version is available here. This will eventually be the supported version of dbabstract.

2014/1/2: The CMake version is now the officially supported version.

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